Cayla is Dancing for the Stars

Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy was a proud platinum sponsor of the 2018 Dancing for the Stars competition held November 29th, 2018. Dancing for the Stars is an event that benefits the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Erath County. We are proud to support our own Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA), Cayla Limas and her husband Abel in this competition.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an organization that provides a mentoring program for local youth to promote success in a child’s life. Matches are made between adult volunteers (“Bigs”) and children ages 6 through 18 (“Littles”). These relationships have a direct and lasting effect on the lives of young people. Though Cayla nor Abel have been Bigs or Littles themselves, Cayla’s Aunt Sharon was a Big Sister for 3 years. Sharon spoke fondly of the program stating, “I very much enjoyed taking my Little Sister to do fun things. We were able to get together once a week.”

Physical Therapist Assistant, Cayla Limas, and her husband Abel Limas have been practicing their dance routine and raising money for this charity since the beginning of 2018. All the proceeds raised from this event benefits the community at a local level in Erath County. Cayla stated, “it was a pleasant surprise to see how the community was very giving when it came to a charity event.”

When asked what the best part of joining the competition has been, Cayla said, “getting out of our comfort zone both individually and as a couple. As a couple we have had to learn to trust each other with the very complicated lifts and dance stunts we were asked to do.” The couple has enjoyed learning the choreography from former Stephenville High School dance coach, Sherri Evans.

When we asked Cayla to give some advice for others wanting to participate she stated, “be organized outgoing and have fun!” She continued to comment on not being afraid to talk to people about donating to this organization, and to also make sure that they have a good understanding of what the money is going towards. Lastly Cayla stated, “Have fun! Yes, this is a competition but remember it’s for a good cause and all of your hard work will help provide funds for a great organization that provides a positive impact on children.”

Thank you Cayla and Abel for allowing us to be your sponsor in Dancing for the Stars, we were excited to support such a great organization!

2018 PPS Conference Wrap Up

Mark Blackburn, PT, Whitney Hamilton, PT, OCS, and Derek Haney, PT at the 2018 PPS Conference in Colorado Springs, CO.

Clinic Director and partner, Derek Haney, PT of Stephenville and Clinic Director, Whitney Hamilton, PT of Weatherford/Aledo attended the Private Practice Section (PPS) of the American Physical Therapy Association conference held in Colorado Springs, CO this November along with owner, Mark Blackburn, PT.

This conference provides a wide array of seminars for leaders in Physical Therapy to bring back to their clinics. The presenters are fellow Physical Therapists who must audition for a seminar about 9 months in advance. These Physical Therapists relay stories and information from their own experiences and are not there to represent or sell a company’s products. This conference keeps our clinics up to date on the latest trends in the physical therapy field and offers networking with fellow Physical Therapists across the country. Best of all, this conference helps keep our clinics on top of their game.

Some of the seminars our physical therapists attended at this year’s conference were Private Practice and Smart Education: Implementing SMART, Money Isn’t Everything: Entrepreneurial Ways to Increase Employee Engagement, Leadership: Cultivating Your Leaders of Tomorrow, Strategic Growth: Big Data, Cash Cows, and Mangy Dogs.
“This was the first time going to this conference that the content we heard fell in line with what we are doing at our clinics. That’s reassuring!” stated Mark Blackburn, PT, CEO, whose been going to these conferences for several years.

Whitney Hamilton, PT felt like she had gained insight from the conference on how to engage proper culture in the workplace. “[The conference] reiterated our direction as a company both from a culture and leadership/managing standpoint.” Whitney concluded.

Management also had an opportunity to learn more about each other from both a professional and personal standpoint away from the clinic setting. Staff looks forward to the 2019 PPS Conference held in Orlando, FL.

Making the Leap

In 2018, Weatherford Physical Therapy and Active Physical Therapy of Aledo made a leap to rebrand as Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy. Our staff thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.

Weatherford Physical Therapy has been a trusted source for Physical Therapy in Parker County since 1986. Over the years, Weatherford Physical Therapy has received awards and recognition in Best Physical Therapy and customer service. All due to the caring hearts and excellent care provided by long-time staff members, Tracy Ragle, PT and Betty Baldwin, PTA who have been with us since the very beginning.

In 2015, Whitney Hamilton, PT, DPT, OCS joined the team in Weatherford as a practiced Physical Therapist in the orthopedic setting. In early 2018, Hamilton ascended to the clinic manager position understanding that Weatherford Physical Therapy wanted to keep their roots as a hometown name for physical therapy, but also grow as a company who already had other locations under different names.

In mid-2017, the staff of Weatherford Physical Therapy along with owner, Mark Blackburn, PT, decided to rebrand under the name of Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy. Mark Blackburn, PT has been the owner of Weatherford Physical Therapy for over 15 years. This decision was made in order to better unify the sister locations and to better serve patients in years to come.
In early 2018, both Weatherford Physical Therapy and Active Physical Therapy of Aledo took the jump and began working towards the name and brand of Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy.
Thankfully, our local community in both Parker and East Parker Counties have been extremely supportive throughout this process. We thank you for continuing to be loyal customers during this year of remodels and name changes. Being voted Best Physical Therapy Clinic in Parker County for 2018 has been such a huge honor and blessing for us!

We promise to maintain the values, care, and professionalism, that you’ve loved for over 30 years. And we hope to have many more years providing innovative and specialized care to our local community.

Written By Janell Bierman, marketing

Whitney Hamilton, PT, DPT – Becomes OCS Board Certified

"I have always had a true passion for orthopedics and felt this specialty would allow patients and physicians to clearly understand where my expertise and interests lay." - Whitney Hamilton, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. DN

Congratulations to Whitney Hamilton, PT, DPT, Cert. DN who can now add the title of Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) to her list of credentials! says it best, “when it comes to opening doors and opening eyes, specialty certification lets employers, colleagues and patients know that a physical therapist possesses advanced clinical skills in a particular area. Board-certified therapists truly stand out from their peers, considering fewer than 10 percent of the roughly 66,000 members of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) have obtained this voluntary advanced credential.”

Whitney is now part of the 10 percent by becoming a board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. In 2011, Whitney graduated from UT Southwestern Medical Center - Dallas with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. After graduation, Whitney began working in the outpatient orthopedic setting. Six years later, she has worked with a wide variety of orthopedic conditions and has continued to improve her knowledge and skills as an orthopedic specialist.

As Clinic Director of both the Weatherford and Aledo locations, Whitney has worked with fellow members to pursue their own goals. She has encouraged each team member in goal setting and personal development within their career related interests. Recently, Whitney led her team by example when she reached her own personal goal.

In 2017, administration discussed with Whitney goals for her career. That was the moment when the orthopedic clinical specialist certification was brought up. When asked why she wanted to pursue the specialist certification, Whitney stated, "I have always had a true passion for orthopedics and felt this specialty would allow patients and physicians to clearly understand where my expertise and interests lay." From that point forward, the CEO and fellow staff members of Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy were ready to support Whitney in her endeavor.

To be eligible to sit for the examination, a physical therapist is required to submit evidence of 2,000 hours of direct patient care in the orthopedic setting within the last 10 years, with 25 percent of the hours occurring within the last 3 years.

Whitney possessed these qualifications and decided to sit for the impending exam. "Six years of experience in an outpatient orthopedic setting gave me the context to better understand the material, and the different perspectives of my online course through Evidence in Motion (EIM) helped me look at things differently. The biggest benefit I received was the year of studying and advancing my knowledge.”

By having her OCS, Whitney is also obliged to participate in ongoing professional development in the orthopedic setting, to maintain the standards set by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. The team at Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy could not be prouder of her huge accomplishment!

Written by, Janell Bierman

New Year, New Clinic

With a NEW year comes NEW beginnings for Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy (SRPT) with the opening of our fourth location in Hico, TX, March 2018.

Owner, Mark Blackburn, PT, DPT and partners Brandi Wood, PT, DPT and Derek Haney, PT, DPT look forward to expanding SRPT’s physical therapy services to the local rural areas.

"We have patients drive to physical therapy several days per week from over an hour away. We are excited to expand our service area and continue to provide hands-on and cost effective health care by our expert team,” Brandi explained. “With the opening of the Hico clinic in March 2018, we hope to decrease travel time and costs for patients in this area."

Physical therapy provides an affordable, non-invasive health care option for musculoskeletal problems including joint pain, sprains and strains, weakness, balance deficits, and post-surgical recovery. Our physical therapists specialize in orthopedic rehabilitation and sports injuries. A referral is required from a physician to receive physical therapy treatment. Upon referral, an evaluation is performed and an individualized plan is created to help a patient reach their goals and improve their quality of life.

The Hico clinic's Director of Clinical Services will be Brandi Wood, PT, DPT. Brandi, a graduate of Tarleton State University and Hardin Simmons University has been practicing physical therapy for five years, three of which have been with Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy. Initially, Brandi will be the sole practicing physical therapist at the Hico location with the help from technician and care coordinator Morgan Woolverton.

The next time you are in Hico, look for our new clinic located on Highway 6/281 (712 N. 2nd Street) and follow us on social media to remain informed about the upcoming opening.

Physical Therapists Boost Falls Prevention Programs as our Nation Quickly Ages

This year, one-third of all Americans 65 years old and older will experience a fall. Some will quickly brush off the dirt and go about their day, but others won't be so lucky. The physical therapy profession has long been involved in fall-prevention efforts, guiding our seniors to ambulate safely, maintain mobility longer, and be more independent.

Falls rank among the top burdens on our healthcare system—with $34 billion shelled out for fall-related injuries in 2013 alone—and threaten the health of our nation. Falls land a member of our nation's elderly population in the emergency department every 13 seconds, and every 20 minutes an older adult dies from fall-related trauma, reports a survey conducted by Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering.

Moderate to severe injuries incurred during a fall can lead to further health declines and loss of independence among our seniors. A team approach with a solid foundation of communication is crucial to adequately prepare for the steady stream of baby boomers crossing the 65-year-old threshold. As part of a medical team, PTs are trained to identify each patient's risk factors, provide education and preventive strategies, and address impairments. The biggest risk factors for a fall include balance/strength impairments, medication interactions, safety issues in the home and community, and visual impairments.

A new study published in The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society in February 2016 titled "Exercise and Fall Prevention: Narrowing the Research-to-Practice Gap and Enhancing Integration of Clinical and Community Practice," reinforces the premise that falls are preventable with risk assessment and exercises that incorporate elements of balance, gait, and strength training. In fact, the study says, exercise has been shown to reduce the incidence of falls by up to 40%.

This could be music to the ears of U.S. adults who expressed concern in the Carnegie Mellon survey about an older parent falling, 54% of 1,900 participants to be exact. A PT exercise program to prevent falls among the elderly includes core strengthening, lower extremity resistance exercises and balance training.

The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society study also reveals some of the evidence-to-practice challenges in addressing this global public health crisis. Falls and their associated healthcare costs can be reduced by better integrating research on exercise intervention into clinical practice and community programs, the study says.

As healthcare increasingly embraces prevention and wellness strategies, strong communication between physicians, physical therapists and other key stakeholders will help to capture our elders most at risk for falls. Education, risk assessment, evidence-based falls prevention classes in the community and skilled physical therapy interventions are the basis for a solid plan of attack.

About The Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association

Founded in 1956, the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association champions the success of physical therapist-owned businesses. Our members are leaders and innovators in the health

Pain Profile Self-Assessment

Many Americans have severe pain that limits their mobility and quality of life. If you or someone you know is suffering from pain that is inhibiting their daily lives look into the pain profile worksheet below. We encourage you to log your symptoms, when you have pain, where the discomfort is located, and for how long you are dealing with the pain. After taking note of your symptoms for five days, take this to your physician or physical therapist for them to look this over and assess a quality treatment plan to get you back to a healthy, good quality life!

Pain Profile Self Assessment by Move Forward PT

Congratulations, Mark Blackburn, PT, DPT!

Evidence in Motion

Extending the Reach of Physical Therapy: Mark Blackburn, PT, DPT, owner of Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy (Stephenville, Weatherford, Aledo)

Stephenville, TX - September 11, 2017 - The Evidence In Motion (EIM) Institute of Health Professions would like to recognize Mark Blackburn, PT, DPT of Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy for completing the Executive Program in Practice Management with a Post Professional Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

EIM's Executive Program is an MBA-style, 12-month educational program for physical therapists that provides training in practice management and business administration. It is the first program of its kind within the physical therapy profession and is designed to enhance the business savvy and sophistication of private practice physical therapy by teaching evidence-based business. Physical therapists who complete the program gain industry specific knowledge and best practice solutions in the areas of strategy, leadership, human resources, marketing, finance, legal, and business development. The ultimate outcome of the program is designed to enhance the role of physical therapists in the delivery of cost effective health care.

"The greatest benefit of the Executive Program is the expanding community of practices that continue to collaborate and cross consult with each other well after the completion of the 12-month course," states Larry Benz, PT, DPT, OCS, MBA, EIM owner, and Executive Program Director. "We are very proud of these graduates who are now better equipped for the challenging environment. We are fortunate to have an ongoing strategic partnership with the Private Practice Section of the APTA which has broadened our reach of private physical therapy practices."

The curricula are modeled after many of the top executive MBA programs in the country, utilizing a combination of online didactic and collaborative educational experiences in a series of weekend intensive on-sites. Based on educational research, the hybrid model of online education and on-site intensives demonstrates a best-in-education approach. This is the exact approach that EIM was founded on and has successfully used to graduate over 500 physical therapists in its APTA Credentialed Residency and Fellowship Programs.

Mark has developed a strong knowledge of evidence-based business and best practices and has integrated this knowledge into Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy. Not only will Mark strengthen his practice to obtain competitive advantages in the market place, but he will also strengthen the private practice community as a whole. Mark also received a Post Professional Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the EIM Institute of Health Professions upon completion of the program by completing advanced coursework in Radiology, Medical Screening, Pharmacology and Evidence-based Practice.

With the added knowledge and experience Mark gained from completing EIM's Executive Doctorate Program, his practices will now provide physical therapy at a higher level to the Stephenville, Hico, Dublin, Weatherford, Aledo and surrounding communities.

For more information, visit or call 1-888-709-7096.

About Evidence In Motion:

Evidence In Motion (EIM) is an education and consultation company that exists to elevate the role of physical and occupational therapists in health care delivery by providing premier entry-level and post-professional education programs for rehabilitation professionals. They emphasize flexible educational offerings that feature the perfect blend of online and hands-on training from world-renowned educators with extensive experience in teaching, research, and business. EIM offers Continuing Education, Residency (Orthopaedic, Sports, Geriatric and Neurologic*), Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship, Post Professional Doctorate in Physical Therapy and Certificate training programs (Manual PT, Sports PT, Pain Science, Geriatric, Industrial Health, Pelvic Health, Balance and Falls, Cardiac Conditioning, Concussion Screening/Management, Athletic Performance, and Executive Program in Practice Management). For more information, please visit You can also find EIM on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, @EIMTeam.