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"Mr. Haney was absolutely phenomenal. He was knowledgeable and beyond helpful understanding my child’s dance injury. I will never go anywhere else if my children have a sports related injury!"
Apr 14, 2021
"Kristi is the best ! Kind & caring. Even calls me w followUp. Helps me find referrals. She really cares about her patients. Thank you !!!"
Sep 14, 2020
"I have been in a therapy program for 1 month. Tracy and her Team are the absolute best! Working with Tracy two or three times a week has been a challenge but Tracy always answers my questions and is concerned for my well being. Thanks Tracy for being a true professional!"
Apr 25, 2020
"I want to thank Whitney for helping me with dry needling, although it is uncomfortable at times, she is able to enter the core of the muscle to attain the most effective result. I appreciate her attentiveness and effective compassionate communication. Please tell her sincere thank you from TBales."
Feb 10, 2019
"So far it's been great. Reception and getting into the system was smooth and easy. My therapist, Tracy, has been great. She's very attuned to the level of damage and repair of my injury and is taking the appropriate steps to protect, and rehab, the site."
Dec 04, 2018
"Had a wonderful experience with the team at SRPT. After knee replacement surgery I was walking on my own after just 2 weeks of therapy.. Great group of dedicated therapists.. would recommend to anyone in need of therapy!!!"
Oct 02, 2018
"I had neck fusion several years ago & in 2018 suffered pain & loss of motion that was very limiting. Kristi Shashack did my therapy & by the end I had no pain or limitation of motion. Could not be happier with the therapy or the facility,. Kristi is highly professional and a great therapist. If I ever need therapy again, this will be my first choice."
Sep 06, 2018


"Hurt my back years ago & it has made exercise almost impossible. Sports Rehab has tailored my Therapy so that I'm working out without being in a lot of pain. The staff is professional and very helpful. If you need to rehab an injury or new physical therapy checkout Sports Rehab."

Gary C.

"If you're not going to go to Physical Therapy, don't get the operation." The way I've made my operations successful was simply to show up at Stephenville Sports Rehab and follow the course they lay out. Derek, Brandi, Chris and the rest of the crew enabled my knee, ankle, shoulder and wrist operations (Whoa! I had THAT many problems) to be highly successful. OK, it hurts, but you KNOW you will get healed successfully. The office staff and Rehab specialists at SRPT have made the differences that keep me going."

Jim E.

"Great plan to get me back on my feet as quickly as possible. From great plan came great people to carry me through the plan. I realized quickly they wanted me to achieve the goal as quickly as possible and not drag my recovery out to get more money. I accomplished my goal of 100% an cancelled other appointments I had with them. Would recommend them to anyone I come in contact with."

Vicki D.

"The workers were competent, engaging and friendly. They encouraged everyone. Clients felt free to interact with one another. People were happy to be working there working with the clients. They enjoyed working together. Housekeeping. The facility is modern with spotless restrooms, floors and equipment. The office staff is competent, professional and friendly. It is now my FIRST choice for therapy."

Irene S.

"Wonderful place to launch your recovery! The staff is excellent and always upbeat and attentive."

Amy W.

The staff at Sports rehab are awesome. They have done wonders for me. I wouldn't be able to get around if not for them. They are so patient and kind. Just a wonderful group of people to be around. Thanks for all you've done for me."

Ella G.

"Staff is fantastic. Very caring and they go the extra mile to assure patient success."

Linda C.

"Very professional and friendly staff. I received great care. I highly recommend to anyone needing PT."

Kristi L.

"An amazing establishment with amazing people. Would recommend them to everyone!!"

Nancy L.

"Everyone there are very professional and a great bunch of people."

Larry R.

"Staff was very professional and empathetic."

Lee F.

"If you want expert advice, join Weatherford Physical Therapy. If you want an expert ask for Tracy Ragle. There are none better."

David T.

"Have used them twice with good results! The one on one with them is very helpful and personal. I highly recommend our down town Willow Park facility."

Judy M.

"In January of 2017 I suffered substantial damage to my shoulder, chest, and arm during a ski accident. My surgeon referred me to Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy – Stephenville following extensive surgery. The clinic assigned me to the care of physical therapist, Dr. Jeffrey Bierman. At first, I was virtually helpless, unable to perform the most simple, easy task. However, Jeffrey designed a physical therapy program customized specifically for me, and I quickly noticed an unexpected rapid improvement.

As my therapy continued, I was amazed to observe noticeable improvement with each session. The technicians and assistants at the clinic were very professional and caring. They also demonstrated tremendous proficiency by emphasizing subtle details in the execution of my exercises in order to maximize the benefit and hasten my recovery. Jeffrey constantly updated my routine to provide me with the absolute best progress for my rehabilitation.

The work environment at the clinic was one of serious work in a casual, friendly atmosphere. Although the work was indeed challenging, the very professional staff worked with me in a manner that really made me look forward to each visit. I never dreamed that I would actually enjoy physical therapy and have so much fun with my rehabilitation program. A very large part of that experience was due to Jeffrey’s expertise in knowing how to work with me, motivate me, and challenge me to perform at my very best.

As strange as it sounds even to me, I will miss the staff at SRPT. I have developed a strong bond with the staff that goes far beyond a merely business relationship. They are my caregivers and friends, an I will owe them a debt of gratitude for the rest of my life.

Richard W.