2018 PPS Conference Wrap Up

Mark Blackburn, PT, Whitney Hamilton, PT, OCS, and Derek Haney, PT at the 2018 PPS Conference in Colorado Springs, CO.

Clinic Director and partner, Derek Haney, PT of Stephenville and Clinic Director, Whitney Hamilton, PT of Weatherford/Aledo attended the Private Practice Section (PPS) of the American Physical Therapy Association conference held in Colorado Springs, CO this November along with owner, Mark Blackburn, PT.

This conference provides a wide array of seminars for leaders in Physical Therapy to bring back to their clinics. The presenters are fellow Physical Therapists who must audition for a seminar about 9 months in advance. These Physical Therapists relay stories and information from their own experiences and are not there to represent or sell a company’s products. This conference keeps our clinics up to date on the latest trends in the physical therapy field and offers networking with fellow Physical Therapists across the country. Best of all, this conference helps keep our clinics on top of their game.

Some of the seminars our physical therapists attended at this year’s conference were Private Practice and Smart Education: Implementing SMART, Money Isn’t Everything: Entrepreneurial Ways to Increase Employee Engagement, Leadership: Cultivating Your Leaders of Tomorrow, Strategic Growth: Big Data, Cash Cows, and Mangy Dogs.
“This was the first time going to this conference that the content we heard fell in line with what we are doing at our clinics. That’s reassuring!” stated Mark Blackburn, PT, CEO, whose been going to these conferences for several years.

Whitney Hamilton, PT felt like she had gained insight from the conference on how to engage proper culture in the workplace. “[The conference] reiterated our direction as a company both from a culture and leadership/managing standpoint.” Whitney concluded.

Management also had an opportunity to learn more about each other from both a professional and personal standpoint away from the clinic setting. Staff looks forward to the 2019 PPS Conference held in Orlando, FL.